David Fay Custom Furniture
Welch Bedside Table
Image of Welch bedside table

Photographs by Ira Schrank

These bed side tables complement the bed frame I made for Sean in 1999. Each table has three dovetailed drawers and sliding doors below. As I design and build more and more furniture for Sean, we are developing a theme of design, where a detail from one project will carry over to the next design. The drawer fronts of the bed side tables have the same curved front as the top panel of the dovetail box.

The tables are made from rare red narra wood, which was submerged in the Mekong river for years, and recently retrieved by an underwater logger and milled into lumber. I have made Sean's bed frame, trapezoid bookshelves, a dovetail box, and now these side tables from this limited stock.


closeup of top closeup of drawer front closeup of drawer dovetails

Materials: Cambodian red narra wood from the Mekong river, Swiss pear wood
Dimensions: 26 inches high x 24½ inches wide x 11½ inches deep