David Fay Custom Furniture
Hartmann Coffee Table
Image of Hartmann Coffee Table

Photographs by David Fay and Paige Russell

David Hartmann and I started considering the design for this table when I found this exceptionally thick and beautiful lumber. These rare mahogany planks were up to 24 inches wide and 3 inches thick and we wanted to emphasize their size and natural figure for David's table design. The table top and sides are tapered from their thickest point of almost 3 inches, emphasizing the original volume of the lumber, while allowing the taper to lighten the overall design appearance. The sides have a slight gap between them to create a shadow line and provide visual interest in the base. I have designed and built many pieces with David over the years. The recurring themes are monochrome woods and a simple overall design aesthetic with interesting construction details. This table and its coordinated TV stand are no exceptions.


left front corner table in Hartmann home viewed from an angle

Materials: Honduran mahogany from Peru
Dimensions: 39½ inches long x 19½ inches wide x 18 inches high