David Fay Custom Furniture
Fay Side Table
Image of Fay side table

Photographs by David Fay

This table is trying to balance an emphasis on structural detail, subtle shaping and form, and use of beautiful natural materials to create a visually light overall design. All of the joinery in the table uses wenge wood splines locked in place by brass pins. The top is made of a highly figured African mahogany wood that rests about ½ inches above the upper rail giving it a floating affect. The legs are eight sided, curving out and tapering inward to create a smaller profile at the foot while maintaining the facets of the shape that is defined from the top view of each leg. The lower stretchers are connected using a larger wenge wood spline in the center.


close-up of stretcher top of leg table top close-up of corner

Materials: Honduran mahogany, african mahogany, wenge wood, and brass pins
Dimensions: 23 inches long x 18 inches wide x 21 inches high