David Fay Custom Furniture
Julie and James Table
Image of Bubinga Table

Photographs by David Fay

Bill Ward commissioned me to make a table for his sister, Julie, and her new husband, James. He had saved an article I had written for Fine Woodworking magazine and had also found my web site. Part of the allure was also that I was local to where Julie and James live. It was the process of commissioning a design, and working with the furniture designer, that appealed to Bill. He has commissioned work from other furniture designers in the past and wanted to share his appreciation for his experience of the collaboration process.

I built a plywood prototype of the table that helped us make several design decisions both grand and subtle. Looking at it full-scale allowed us to sense the proportions and focus in on what looked and felt just right. The table legs are eight sided and both taper and flair out slightly at the bottom. The stretcher is two curved laminations that touch at the center, and the handles are eight sided following the theme of the table legs. Julie, James and I picked through dozens of bubinga slabs before we found the figure they loved for their table top.


front of table close-up of drawers end view close-up of legs

Materials: bubinga wood with wenge wood handles and cherry drawers
Dimensions: 48 inches long x 16 inches wide x 31 inches high