David Fay Custom Furniture
Light and Shadow Table Lamp
Computer-generated image of light and shadow lamp

This lamp has curved copper hoops which support the handmade paper shades. There is a space between the posts, and below the lower hoops, which draw lines of light when the lamp is lit.

This image was computer-generated in order to enter it into the California Design '97 competition. An article was featured on this process in the July 1997 #11 issue of Home Furniture Magazine. Here is an actual photograph of the lamp.

The lamp was sold through Misugi Designs Gallery in Berkeley, California.


photo of light and shadow lamp photo of light and shadow lamp

Materials: Gaboon ebony wood, copper, handmade paper (made by my sister, Leslie Fay), lexan acrylic
Dimensions: 15 inches high x 10 inches wide x 4 inches wide