David Fay Custom Furniture
Four Panel Lamp
Image of four panel lamp

Photographs by Lee Fatherree and David Fay

This design was a limited production run of twenty lamps. Each post is faceted and curved, and the round center piece where the cross pieces intersect is made of Alaskan cedar. The paper is made of abaca fiber, thin strips of mica stone, and paper pulp. When the lamp is unlit, the paper shade appears solid and reflects light. When it is lit, the paper emphasizes the inherent translucency of the materials--a nice effect.

I recently sold the last lamp of this production run through Guild.com, which is a website devoted to selling works from some of the country's finest artists and craftspeople.


closeup of red handmade paper closeup of yellow handmade paper closeup of green handmade paper six four panel lamps

Materials: Mexican granadillo, Alaskan cedar, handmade paper (made by my sister, Leslie Fay), lexan acrylic
Dimensions: 13 ½ inches high x 8 inches wide x 8 inches long