David Fay Custom Furniture
Welch Box
Image of Welch Box

Photographs by David Fay and David Hartmann

Sean had already commissioned me to make his bed frame, side tables, and trapezoid bookshelves. All of these projects were made from a stock of rare red narra wood, which was submerged in the Mekong river for years. The wood was recently freed by an underwater logger and milled into lumber. The red narra wood for this box was made from cut-offs from Sean's other projects. The dovetail joinery is slightly proud on the corners to emphasize the details of construction. At Sean's request, I carved my initials and the date of completion on the box bottom, which is made of the Swiss pear wood. The box top is a raised panel which is domed in two directions. The resulting intersecting planes create a subtle pattern when viewed from above.


open box front of box top of box bottom of box

Materials: Red narra wood, Swiss pear wood
Dimensions: 10¼ inches long x 7¼ inches wide x 3½ inches high