David Fay Custom Furniture
Tsutaoka Shoji Entry

Photographs by Erin Kunkel

Greg Tsutaoka and his wife, Annabelle, live in a large loft and wanted to create an entry space that would have an emphasis on the beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship of the shoji screen, while maintaining an Asian sense of design. The screen allows privacy from outside while creating a wall for the head of their bed, helping to divide their open space. The wood frame is made from western red cedar and the screen is a fiberglass paper called Synskin, which is quite durable while maintaining a beautiful organic pattern. The ever changing light of day is emphasized as the shoji screen catches and diffuses light.


Materials: Western red cedar, Synskin
Dimensions: 108 inches high x 102 inches wide x 70 inches deep (from door to shoji screen)